Students, Careers & The Impact of Post-Secondary Education

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 1:30 PM EST

Graham Donald


Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc.

Graham Donald is one of North America’s leading experts on attracting, recruiting, and engaging students and graduates. 

He founded Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc. in 2003 to focus on improving students’ school-to-work transition by advising and training both the employers that hire students and the educators who support their career development on campus. 


His clients have included KPMG, PwC, University of Toronto, Deloitte, GE, McGill University, HSBC, UBC, Rutgers University, Kraft, and many others. 

He chairs several conferences annually including the Campus Recruiting Forums in cities across Canada and the USA; the Canadian Career Development Summit; and, the Strategic Enrolment Marketing & Management Forum. He also speaks regularly at conferences across the US and Canada.

Graham Donald is a firm believer in the value of a general arts education and makes use every day of the skills he developed pursuing a double-major in English and Literary Studies. He received both his BA and MBA from the University of Toronto.

Webinar Summary:

We know that gaining qualifications and readiness to start a career is the number one reason that most students pursue post-secondary education. But exactly what role do career aspirations play in their education decisions. How does post-secondary education influence students' career confidence? And perhaps most importantly to administrators, how does career intention affect student retention and academic success?

Based on new research conducted in 2018 with more than 13,000 post-secondary students, this presentation will dig deep into the relationship between career development and post-secondary studies. It will also explore the effectiveness of certain interactions on campus with students and how those affect students academic and career confidence.

Comments From Previous Presentation Attendees 


(Gathered anonymously from SEMM Forum 2018 app feedback)

"Fantastic information and Graham is a very engaging speaker."

"Fascinating content and data."

"Good information. Surprising in some aspects."

"Great insights! All helpful."

"Great speaker and facilitator. Interesting stats that don't always align with our own findings."

"Interesting perspective on link between career and academics."

"Interesting stats and discussions."

"Very interesting and dynamic presentation. Lots of useful information."

"Very good presentation and very informative."

"Graham always does a good job using humour and balancing stats and anecdotes."


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