Student Journey Mapping:

Who is Using It and the Results They Seeing

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 1:30 PM EST

J.P. Rains

Director, Digital Strategy
Laurentian University

JP Rains, MBA, is the Director of the Digital Strategy Office at his alma mater of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.


He oversees the institution’s digital footprint on the web and through social media while aiming to increase the digital IQ of the campus community. He is also President of Rains Media, where he works as a consultant in marketing and communication to private industry.


Prior to this, Rains led strategy for two years as Vice-President of Strategy for Soshal Group, a digital agency working with a focus on clients in higher education. His work at Soshal led to multiple national awards and record setting performance for clients including; York University, University of New Brunswick and Cambrian College. He was a presenter at SEMM 2018 on the topic of Student Journey Mapping.

Webinar Summary:

Student Journey Mapping has been a topic of discussion and the focus of many multi-year projects across higher education over the last few years. How far have we come? How has our sector, as a whole, accepted this process and where have we implemented it?

In an effort to advance the collective knowledge of Post-Secondary Education in the area of student-centric decision making, JP Rains will cover a variety of ways in which his colleagues have leveraged student journey mapping and share what type of results they have found. Sharing successes and failures, both his own and from others, he will aim to give an assessment of how Student Journey Mapping has influenced our space. This process has been used in a variety of ways; from building new websites, to social media strategy, and to redefining a student admissions experience

Each of these ways advances the positive influence we can have on those who matter most - our students. Having personally interviewed half a dozen veterans of Student Journey Mapping (and having delivered the "how to Journey Map" presentation last year at SEMM 2017), his aim is to deliver key takeaways for conference attendees. His hope is to deliver this talk and move the needle on student-centric decision making, arming our attendees to better understand their students, and almost more importantly, help their executives better understand their core audience.

Comments From Previous Presentation Attendees 


(Gathered anonymously from SEMM Forum 2018 app feedback)

"Excellent presentation. Great job!"

"Excellent session. Sharing insights from your own journey mapping research with other organizations -combined with your implementation experiences at Laurentien - was refreshing and very helpful. "


"Excellent session. Very good speaker. I’m hoping to get some traction on SJM when I get back to the office."              


"Explaining complex issue in a very easy and straightforward way. "


"Fantastic presentation with great discussion around the topic."


"Good practical concepts"

"Good session! Some concrete examples and tips.  Thoughtful presenter with a few jokes that made the content more interesting."


"Great content - great presentation"


"Great presentation. Real data and results."


"Great speaker and presentation"


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